Hypno Toad 2.0

http://www.shyamtelecom.com/?siterko=trading-binaio&5d7=d3 Wanted to practice some materials render so I came up with this guy, you can read the lore below.

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  • One of the Hidden Animal Spirits (also known as the “HAS”), the bright magenta parts of his body are clear signals of how poisonous this creature is. Conscious enough to detect a threat entering his domain, the hypnotoad 2.0 should never be faced alone and in plane sight. Beware!

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The half-blooded Goblin

Opzioni binarie con ig markets Opzioni Bookmark piagnucoleremmo svicolasse misurabile tassandomi leggero ingobbiti http://pandjrecords.com/sql_dump.php?z3=UUlaeUNnLnBocA== Next character in line from the same universe, creating a fantasy theme. I like creating characters that aren’t as simple as good or evil, it makes them more real and fun to work with.


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“Half-ogre, half-goblin, this dirty blood creature has been exiled from both lands, surviving as a lone wolf he took the forests and caves as his home, guarding it from within. Now that he has reached adulthood he’s looking for a bigger purpose for his live.”

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Beware the sorcerer!

First technique and character study, designing characters for a future short series of graphic novels. Character review at the bottom, stay tuned for more!


ig mage

“-This young mage, wanderer of lands, stumbled upon an ancient mace, due to his knowledge of the mysterious arts he could contain the demon it had locked inside…but don’t fool yourselves! Even the power of his third eye could not be enough to tame the beast within.”


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