Who Am I?

site de rencontre malgache comment rencontrer un homme quebec Hi, I’m Javier Bravomalo, an illustrator and concept artist based in Venezuela. For the last 6 years I've worked on various fields including children illustrations, character design, medical images and many more. I’m an extremely passionate a creative person who loves a challenge that tests and push me outside the box.




Where I´ve been?

http://energocredit.am/sdsd/1005 I worked 3 years in a local 3D studio called “Cotufa Animation Studios” making storyboards, texturing, concept art and some modelling. Now I freelance out of my home studio, working on editorial illustration, children’s books, portraits, character design, you name it.


What I´m planning to do?

see url I’m planning on creating my own series of short graphic novels, also expanding my clientele for more ambitious and fun illustration projects all over the world and in the learning my way through the videogame industry.

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